android training in coimbatore

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android training in coimbatore

For android training in coimbatore in Software development designing & developing Program used widely in electronics gadgets including smartphones, and tablets. We will train your skills in a better way through our Android Training in Coimbatore.

android training in coimbatore

Why Choose CodeBind Technologies for android training in coimbatore?

  • CodeBind Technologies is ensuring to full fill your expectation than providing real time training to all engineering streams.
  • We are upgrading the latest technologies in a periodical manner and that are delivering to the students on swiftly.
  • Provides Hands-on training by the experienced professionals from the reputed industries of MNCs like TCS, HCL, and BSNL…
  • Supporting the innovative ideas into establishing the real time projects in various emerging technologies.
  • We are not focusing only in technical terms, moreover we are involving ourselves to provide the placement training and career development training.
Short Term and Long Term Course Training

android training in coimbatore

android course concepts

  • Theoretical and Practical
              Introduction to Android
              How to setup Android Development Environment.
              Android development Framework - Android-SDK, Eclipse. Emulators - What is an Emulator / Android AVD ?
              JavaScript Programming
              Android Activities and UI Design
              Understanding Intent, Activity, Activity Lifecycle and Manifest
              Creating Application and new Activities. Expressions and Flow control, Android Manifest
              Simple UI -Layouts and Layout properties
              XML Introduction to GUI objects viz.
              Advanced UI Programming
              Event driven Programming in Android (Text Edit, Button clicked etc.) Creating a splash screen.
              Event driven Programming in Android and Android Activity Lifecycle.
              Creating threads for gaming requirement and Understanding the Exception handler.
              Toast, Menu, Dialog, List and Adapters
              Multimedia Programming using Android
              Multimedia audio formats - Creating and Playing and Multimedia audio formats - Kill / Releasing (Memory Management).
              How to associate audio in any application and How to associate video playback with an event
              Database - SQLite
              Introducing SQLite and SQLiteOpenHelper and creating a database.
              Opening and closing a database and Working with cursors Inserts, updates, and deletes
              Location Based Services and Google Maps
              Using Location Based Services and Working with Google Maps
              Android Development using other Tools
              Other ways to Develop Android Applications and Graphics / Game development using Adobe CS5.5 Flash.
              How to render .apk file from Adobe Flash
              Testing and Debugging Android Application
              Role and Use of Dalvik Debug Monitor Server (DDMS) and How to debug android application.
              Use of Step Filters, Breakpoints, Suspend and Resume and How to use LogCat (Verbose, Debug, Info, Warn, Error, Assert).

    Real Time Project Work
              Daily Side by Side Practical exposure
              Project Idea
              Project Planning
              Real Time Project Development
              Project Completion

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Certificates and Software

  • Course Completion Certificate.
  • Project Completion Certificate.
  • Training Documents.
  • Sample Resume for Placement.
  • Useful Softwares.
  • Corporate Training Test Portal Access.


  • Short Term – 15 Days to 1 Month
  • Normal Term – 2 Months
  • Long Term – 3 Months to 6 Months


  • Quality Training by Experienced Trainers from MNC like tcs, hcl, infosys, wipro, ford etc.,
  • Practical and real time Training
  • Atmost individual care and Individual Focus.

Working Days

  • We will be open on all days including Saturday and Sundays.

Contact Details

android training in coimbatore

The android training in coimbatore is making a professional upon graduation for students in those relevant core areas. The work environment helps to adapt yourself, test-drive your knowledge and skills from your engineering degree. This is one of an essential part of training is improving the fluent of communication and innovative ideas are making an entrepreneur. The students are transforming their attitude level with more confidence, the training is built your leadership quality, and enhancing problem-solving, management skills.

An every engineering student is aim to placing in top organization but placements are an important role to shaping the students career. The recruiters are expecting skill sets in those core subjects also with aptitude, reasoning, and soft skills. We offer free placement training to solve the written exams and technical & HR rounds to get your dreaming job.

We offer free workshops is help to trained on latest and updated technologies for engineering students in an industry in terms of future aspects as well enriching the knowledge and practical skills. The students are encouraged to learning new concepts and trying new things with great experience.

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