Perl Course

How we differ from others?

  • We allow students to work on projects from requirements gathering till deployment
  • Students can get corporate experience
  • we are IT solution providers who will give you live experience with our organisation.
  • This includes online courses and quizzes. Certificate of appreciation and rewards will be given to top scorers.
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Perl Course Content

Perl Basics I

  • PERL Introduction
  • Syntax Overview
  • Perl Variables
  • Perl Scalars
  • Perl Arrays
  • Perl Hashes
  • Special Variables

Perl Basics II

  • Perl IF..ELSE..
  • Perl Loopings
  • Perl Operators
  • Perl Files & I/O
  • Regular Expressions
  • Perl Subroutines
  • Perl Formats
  • Perl Error Handeling
  • Perl Coding Standard

Advanced concepts

  • Perl Sockets
  • Writing Perl Modules
  • Object Oriented Perl
  • Database Management
  • CGI Programming
  • Perl Functions